Pirates Of The Caribbean - 2
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It’s getting better all the time
The Beatles
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Don’t really use Tumblr

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"Happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light"


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My tumblr is so depressing :(

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Joey Essex can’t blow his nose.

LOL neither can I

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The good thing about being disabled, is that no one sits next to you on the bus. People would rather stand.

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I generally feel like I’m screaming for help, but no one can hear me.

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if we fight together, we fight for justice"
“justice is what I seek, Kemosabe
The Lone Ranger
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Was at the Royal Albert Hall. Just came back. Helena sang live on stage for the first time ever and she sang Sally’s song from Nightmare before Christmas.

Standing ovations followed. She was perfect, it was unexpected. And I’m so done with this world now.

And so many Tilena feels.

Helena with Burton make up on a stage in London freaking singing a song from a Burton movie from before Tilena time. … this just …

The last pic is actually mine. Lol. Crap but still.

OMG OMG OMG , you mean that you were there ???? OMG OMG ! Is there a video ???????? OM *die*

Yes I was there… and yes I had a seat where I could see her standing in that entrance way before she came on stage and yes she was totally cute before/on and after being on stage. =)

Dunno we’ll find out I guess.

no. I won’t accept the fact that you were there and I wasn’t. I’m going to cry.

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